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Purchase Process

Buy property safely in Turkey with Homes Unlimited

When buying a property in Turkey, to secure the purchase of a property a small deposit should be paid in cash whilst in resort to the agent (Homes Unlimted, your Real Estate Agent) to hold on behalf of the owners. After payment of the initial deposit, a two-week period, during which we will not market the property is allowed in which to pay 10% of the agreed purchase price of the property. On receipt of the 10% deposit, we the agent will send all paperwork to the land office for transfer of the DEEDS (TAPU) and the property is taken off the market. This process can take between 2-3 months to complete. Once the ‘Military Clearance’ has been released, the remaining balance needs to be paid to transfer the DEED (TAPU) into your name.

Unlike in the UK, where solicitors are used to conduct conveyancing for property purchases, it is standard practice in Turkey for this work to be carried out by a Licensed Estate Agency. Matters are legalised by a government official known as a Noter (UK equivalent Notary Public). For non-Turkish citizens an official translator is compulsory. Currently the fee for this service is approximately 250 pounds.

Our agency commission is calculated as at 3% of the purchase price and included in this; we will do all the paper work, searches and necessary applications to have the Deed transferred to the new owner.

When completing a property purchase, a purchase tax and thereafter an annual property tax is payable to the Turkish Government. This figure is calculated as 4% of the value of the property as written on the DEED (TAPU). Therefore, each different property attracts its own individual fee. The purchase tax is currently 4 % of the purchase price and is a ‘one off’ payment. Annual council tax is 0.01% of the purchase price eg: on a £50,000 property, annually £50 is payable in council tax.

An accompanied visit to Fethiye for translation of your passport and to the Garanti bank to open an account is necessary to commence the DEED (TAPU) transfer process and property purchase.

Once an individual has purchased a property (or land plot) and the DEED (TAPU) has been processed through the relevant government channels the document will be handed over to the owner. The property is then wholly owned and can be lived in, sold on or bequeathed as seen fit.

As Agents we check before transferring the Deeds over that there are no outstanding debts held against the property that the utilities and council taxes are paid up to date and we do not release any of the purchaser’s money to the property owner until the Deeds are secured in the new owners’ name, usually within 3 months.